Submission Guidelines

The Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance (REMEF) is a peer reviewed indexed journal issued every six months; it publishes leading research articles in Finance, Economics and Business issues.
Papers submitted to the journal must be original, unpublished scientific documents. The text of accepted papers, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without prior permission of the publisher.
Submitted manuscripts will subject to a blind external refereeing process and will be only accepted with two positive opinions. Refereeing results will be delivered within three months following reception of the document. Negative results can be appealed to the Editorial Committee which will give a final decision.
Papers can be written in either Spanish or English. The names and affiliations of the authors should not be included in the text of the manuscript. After the title, each manuscript must contain an abstract in both languages and the JEL Classification and at most 5 keywords. The style is ultimate responsibility of the authors who additionally are responsible for all contents and ideas presented in the document.
Manuscripts should not be submitted simultaneously to any other journal.
Manuscripts should be all presented in text editor Word in no more than 25 pages typed in single space, including tables, figures and references. The papers are to be sent by email:
The cover page should contain:
  1. Title
  2. The name(s) of the author(s)
  3. Institutional affiliation(s)
  4. Abstract of no more than 180 words in English and Spanish (Objective, design, methodology approach, result and findings limitations and implications, originality and conclusions
  5. Keywords (no more than 5) and JEL Classification
  6. Footnote of address, telephone and email of the corresponding author.
Figures, tables and formulas should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers.
References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order employing the following examples

Fuller, W. A. (1996). Introduction to Statistical Time Series. 2nd ed., John Wiley, New York.
Granger, C. W. (1980). Long Memory Relationships and the Aggregation of Dynamics Models. Journal of Econometrics, 14, pp. 227-238.
Duffy, J. (2001). Learning to Speculate: Experiments with Artificial and Real Agents. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 25(3), pp. 295-319.
Arifovic, J., J. Bullard, and J. Duffy (1997). The Transition from Stagnation to Growth: An Adaptive Learning Approach. Journal of Economic Growth, 2, pp. 185-209.
Manuscripts should be submitted with an executive report explaining the main contribution of the paper, in simple terms. The report can be a two-page summary, an audio or video indicating their argument that will be made publicly available on the official website of the IMEF Research Foundation. Also, please send us your resume and a scanned photo.
The Journal reserves the right to incorporate appropriate formatting changes.
  The articles in REMEF are listed and/or summarized Classification System of Scientific and Technological Journals' CONACYT , Latindex, EconLit, EconPapers-RePEc, Dialnet, Ulrich's, SciELO and Redalyc.