The Accreditation Council on Administrative, Accounting and Related Sciences CACECA is the accrediting agency that evaluates the academic programs of accounting, administration and related such as international business; foreign trade; marketing; and finance, amongst others, of the Higher Education Institutions (IES) in Mexico.

CACECA assesses standards and indices that encompasses three aspects: students, teaching and administration. Currently it has accredited 1230 academic programs.

Our mission is to create an evaluation culture that incentivates continuous improvement of academic programs offered at higher education institutions, in the areas of accounting, administration and related. Academic quality and relevance at national and international levels.

So, our insitutional vision seeks that all Higher Education Institutions that offer academic programs in the areas of accounting, administration and related, which decide to make the accreditation process, receive a professional quality service that allows them to motivate continuous improvement of its academic programs and access to social recognition and prestige.

The Council has a Governing Board that guides and regulates the design, integration and operation of the Civil Association organs, ensuring the proper fulfillment of its mission and essential tasks.

CACECA is audited on a voluntary basis by such recognized firms as, Deloitte and Crow Horward Gossler. We firmly believe that transparency is an inextricable element of quality, because it evidences decisions, management and procedures, avoiding undesirable and wasteful practices or diverting resources needed to achieve organizational objectives.

Evidencing its commitment to research, Acadmic Area of CACECA has achieved of the National Register of Scientific and Technological Institutions and Enterprises (RENIECyT), making it the only accrediting agency recognized by the National Council of Science and Technology ( CONACYT) in this regard.